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Are your company's sprinklers and fire alarm systems inspected and up to code? Don't let an inspection lapse and have your business take the fall. Let the professional team at Fire Protection Team handle your building's fire safety. Serving Manchester, NH and the surrounding areas since 1992, we provide full inspection, testing, repair and installation services on any fire system you require.

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How much does a fire alarm test cost near Manchester?

A licensed technician or company should charge you about $200 annually to visit your facility and test the system. Every business is required to have this. Most businesses will send a representative to inspect the system, count the number of devices on the system, and then provide you with a quote.

How do I get my fire alarms checked in Manchester?

By pressing and holding down the Test/Hush button on the cover of your smoke alarm for at least five seconds, you can test it. If the electronic circuitry, horn, and battery are functional, this will activate the alarm. When the test feature on any one of the interconnected alarms is turned on in a connected installation, all interlinked alarms should sound. If you take your finger off the test button on smoke-only models, the sound will end instantly. Pressing and releasing the test button will send a signal from unit to unit on combination smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, testing the interconnect circuitry as well as the alarm.

How often should you have your fire sprinkler system inspected near Manchester?

An annual inspection will guarantee your building's safety as well as your own because your fire sprinkler system is your main line of defense and protection against fire. It's a good idea to schedule an inspection with a reputable fire safety company each year because most regions of the country mandate annual sprinkler system inspections in accordance with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards.

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