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A properly filled and maintained CO2 tank is the “fuel” that makes a kegerator run. Without it, your kegerator turns into a fancy refrigerator. It’s important to make sure you always have CO2 ready to go, and Fire Protection Team’s kegerator refilling services can ensure you do.

How Does a Kegerator Work?

If you want to unlock the full potential of your kegerator, whether you’re running a local watering hole or setting up a bar at home, it’s important to understand how they work. Kegerators are capable of dispensing any sort of carbonated beverage, such as beer, soda, cold brew coffee or kombucha. They accomplish this by using a coupler to connect an “out” line that goes to the tap and an “in” line that goes to the CO2 tank through a pressure regulator. 

The coupler is then attached to the keg itself (also known as “tapping” the keg). The pressurized CO2 travels down the in line into the coupler, pressurizing the keg. When the faucet handle is pulled, this pressurization forces the liquid up the “out” line and into the faucet — perfectly pouring your delicious beverage of choice. 

CO2 Safety Information

Though a kegerator is meant to help you enjoy tasty beverages, there are still several things to keep in mind so you can enjoy them safely. You must ensure the CO2 gas cylinder is connected to a reducing valve or regulator — not directly to the keg. Doing so can result in an explosion capable of causing death or injury when you open the valve. 

Make sure the gas cylinder is secured in place and that it remains upright. Be careful not to drop the cylinder and always keep it away from heat sources. All gas cylinders should have a DOT (Department of Transportation) test date located on the neck; if the cylinder is five years past this date, you shouldn’t use it. 

Finally, if you start to have issues breathing or a sudden headache, you may have a CO2 leak. You should close the cylinder’s main valve and evacuate the area until you feel better and it’s had time to ventilate. After that, check your equipment so you can locate and repair the leak.

Have Your Kegerator CO2 Tanks Filled Today!

Nobody wants to commit a party foul. Whether for business or pleasure, make sure your kegerator is always ready to go by contacting Fire Protection Team today, either online or at 203.250.1115 . Happy pouring!

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