Fire Extinguisher Repairs in New England

Commercial Extinguisher Repairs & Recharge Services

When it comes to fire safety and protection, portable fire extinguishers can be invaluable tools to an enterprise. Every building or occupied property should have fire extinguishers that are installed and ready to go at a moment's notice.

The containment or extinguishing of small fires can serve as a major source of safety and protection for life and property. Fire extinguishers are crucial to saving lives, which is why if they are not working properly it is essential to either get them recharged or repaired as soon as possible. Fire Protection Team will keep your building’s fire extinguishers ready and in good condition so you don’t have to worry.

Common Issues With Extinguishers

Usually extinguishers will need to be repaired when:

  • An important component such as a pull pin or a handle goes missing.
  • The extinguisher gauge is not reading correctly.
  • The hose or valve assembly is showing signs of wear and tear or has been damaged.

Unfortunately, it can be extremely hard to tell when a fire extinguisher needs to be repaired. That is why Fire Protection Team provides routine inspections on your fire extinguishers. Our professional team will be able to identify problems and resolve them immediately. Most problems are detected during routine inspection checks, making it easier for you to take quick action.

Your Reliable Source For Fire Protection Services

Fire Protection Team is your one-stop, full-service destination for everything related to fire safety in New England. Our main goal is to provide professional expertise and quality fire protection services to commercial business owners as well as providing them with a comprehensive range of safety solutions and equipment. You can depend upon the highly-skilled, professional crew from Fire Protection Team to provide accurate and timely information to mitigate any damage your fire extinguishers have sustained.

When Do You Need A Fire Extinguisher Recharge?

Sometimes, fire extinguishers simply need a recharge and not a repair or replacement. If the fire extinguisher is not damaged it is possible that it needs a recharge of the canister and it will get working again.

The NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) stipulates a replacement every 12 years. If your fire extinguisher is continuously losing pressure for no obvious reasons then it is advisable to have it replaced.

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Fire extinguishers serve as your first line of defense in the event of a fire and prove invaluable protection to your business clients, staff and other personnel on the premises. Fire Protection Team is your partner when it comes to getting unsurpassed fire protection services. Call us at 203.250.1115 for more details or to set up a consultation.

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