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Since 1992, the experts at Fire Protection Team have been helping a vast range of businesses to prosper. We have achieved this by delivering exceptional fire protection and fire suppression services to business owners in New England. 

We are proud of our customer base, which encompasses markets across the industry spectrum — restaurants, manufacturers, institutions, hotels, hospitals and many more. Many of our customers require different options when it comes to fire safety which is why we offer special hazard fire system services. These services extend from installation to inspection, maintenance, repairs and servicing of the special hazard fire equipment for commercial property.

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Comprehensive Professional Special Hazard Fire Services

Throughout New England, businesses depend upon Fire Protection Team to take care of their special hazard suppression systems — from maintenance and service to installation and repair. We offer a variety of dry chemical systems and wet chemical systems for your safety and protection. Our experts will recommend the right kind of special hazard fire suppression system after carefully examining your property and identifying the kind of system that it will need. We house a vast range of special hazard fire suppression options.  

Our Special Hazard Fire Protection Options

Halon 1301 Fire Suppression - Halon has been used for fire protection right through the 20th century and plays an integral part in the safety plans of many manufacturing, electronic and aviation industries. Computer and communication rooms are protected by Halon and are also used in military services — ships, tanks and aircraft — for safety purposes. However, since it is a CFC, the production of new Halon stopped in 1994. Recycling and reusing this agent with caution and safety is a solution many companies employ in the area. Our team has worked with this special fire hazard suppression system for years and are very adept in handling its nuances and guidelines. 

HFC Blend Suppression - Gases that are based on HFCs, or hydrofluorocarbons, are low in toxicity, have a long shelf life, are chemically stable and not very conductive to electricity. They also do not damage materials like copper and plastic. HFC blend agents work excellently in fire fighting materials, especially where there are highly sensitive electronic equipment, military installations, data centers and the like. At Fire Protection Team, we use the innovative FM-200®, HFC-227®, & ECARO-25® system from Fike.

Inert Fire Suppression - If extra protection is needed in an environment normally occupied, we can use safe inert gases to extinguish a flame. The agent used in this system enters the intended premises within 60 seconds at a steady rate. This greatly helps unnecessary turbulence from occurring. At Fire Protection Team, we use the innovative ProInert® system from Fike. 

CO2 Fire Suppression - Fire Suppression systems with CO2 generate a thick blanket of gas that brings down oxygen levels substantially, thereby reducing the activity of combustion. We use Fike CO2 Fire suppression systems that employ reliable and fast-acting panels to sense the presence of a fire. Carbon dioxide is a gas and does not need clean-up after its use. This means there is very little disruption to your business operations, which makes it an effective fire suppression system. At Fire Protection Team, we use the innovative CO2 system from Fike.

Fluorinated Ketone/NOVEC Fire Suppression - At Fire Protection Team, we use the NOVEC® 1230 fire suppression systems for fire hazards. Introduced into the market in 2005, NOVEC® 1230 is also known as FK-5-1-12 in NFPA 2001. NOVEC® 1230 fluid is an effective fire extinguishing agent, especially in those scenarios where Halons were in use before. Stored in cylinders in fluid form, this agent vaporizes instantly upon discharge as a colorless, odor-free liquid. NOVEC® 1230 fluid extinguishes fire mainly by removing heat from the fires. Upon discharge, NOVEC® 1230 fluid generates a gaseous mixture with air. This system is safe for use in occupied spaces without fear of oxygen deprivation. At Fire Protection Team, we use the innovative NOVEC® system from Fike.

Dry Chemical Fire Suppression - A dry chemical system works well in situations where water-based fire suppression is not possible. A large tank is filled with dry chemical powder, which is then pressurized. Sodium bicarbonate and mono-ammonium phosphate are two common powders that are used for these types of systems. Sodium bicarbonate is for Class B and some Class C fires. Monoammonium phosphate is used in ABC fires. 

Restaurant Wet Chemical Fire Suppression - Most commercial kitchens and restaurants use wet chemical systems for fire protection as they are recognized as highly effective for the industry. As a wet chemical is applied in a concentrated liquid spray to the burning surface, it reacts quickly with either the fats or oils used in the cooking media to provide a foam blanket that covers the surface and prevents any flames from spreading out. 

We Take Your Fire Protection Seriously

The special fire hazard suppression systems from Fire Protection Team:

  • Are extremely safe and easy to use.
  • Eliminate fuel source.
  • Are tested to ensure exacting success.
  • Come with early detection and quick response capabilities. 

Get The Benefits Of Special Fire Suppression Systems

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