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The FPT Story

It was the spark of an idea that persuaded founder Edwin “Ed” Nichols to commit his life to preventing any sparks from fires from damaging or hurting businesses and workers in his area. Ed and his partners Earl Traver and Frank Devinck saw the need to protect the workers, educators and investments within their communities. They recognized the importance of having a service-focused company serve the growing needs for commercial fire protection in Connecticut and throughout New England.

With a heart for service and a mind for business, Ed launched the Fire Protection Team in 1992. The goal was simple - to build a service-oriented company that offered the best in fire safety and protection solutions to the people of New England.

Ed and his partners looked to establish and enhance their company’s reputation through a two-pronged approach. First, they wanted to always be on the leading edge of fire safety services, studying and adopting the latest technological breakthroughs to provide more comprehensive protection to their clients. Second, rather than painstakingly expanding their own footprint, they chose to partner and merge with companies that had proven themselves the best of the best in their facets of fire protection. Each new partnership that joined Fire Protection Team brought with it new perspectives and experiences that rapidly augmented their already exceptional offerings.

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Innovative Solutions, Intelligent Growth

After working side by side with his son, Ned, for years, Ed eventually passed the company down to him. With a focus on innovation, technology and internal talent, Ned has taken Fire Protection Team to the next level while still staying true to the company’s fundamental values and history of excellent service.

The journey did not come through a haphazard approach; rather, with a mindful intent to grow qualitatively through providing excellence in fire protection services and quantitatively by growing the geographic footprint of the company through deliberate mergers and acquisitions with the best-of-the best. As Fire Protection Team was approached with opportunities to assist business owners transition to other opportunities and continue to provide clients with stellar service, they honored the opportunity with continuity and community care. With the very same journey as Ed Nichols had with his own son, Ned, each and every transition was handled with respect and honor for the client first and foremost.

Partners In Success

A timeline of what has led to the Fire Protection Team’s regional success:

1999 HiTech Fire - Branford, CT
2000 Greenwood Fire - Hartford, CT
2006 PMC Service & Inspection Services - Glastonbury, CT
2010 Trident Fire - Shelton, CT
2012 Rem-C Fire - Hooksett, NH
2019 Fairfield County Sprinkler - Stratford, CT

Sparking the Future

What began in an old deli shop on Church Street in Naugatuck, CT now boasts a 5000 sq. foot headquarters in Cheshire. Today, Ned works shoulder to shoulder with his own sons who have started working in the company, bringing the same family pride, expert service and commitment to excellence begun by their grandfather. The people and technology may change, but the mission of Fire Protection Team remains the same: To provide customers with innovative fire safety solutions, reliable service and the promise the things they hold most dear will be kept safe.

Meet Our Executive Team

Fire Protection Team is led by a team of experienced and qualified individuals with years of service in the fire safety industry. Together, they continue to serve their communities with the highest quality life safety services possible.

Ned Nichols President and Owner
David Tworkowski Chief Operating Officer
Nicole Gavagni Human Resources Manager
Chris Luce Fire Sprinkler Manager
Mary Jo Travaglino Fire Sprinkler Assistant Manager
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