Special Fire Alarm Systems in New England

Precise Fire Safety For Your Unique Industry

At Fire Protection Team, we are ready 24/7 to assist you with fire safety solutions for every type and size of business, large or small. We offer personalized fire protection with a wide range of fire safety systems that are continuously monitored by an experienced team and are in line with state and federal fire safety codes.

Our team will consult with you to create a customized plan to provide a comprehensive and safe fire security system for your needs. No matter your industry, we have a fire alarm system solution for you. In addition, not only will we install it and get it up and running, we provide inspection and maintenance for your system to see that it functions optimally from now on.

Our Special Fire Alarm System Options

Voice Evacuation/Mass Notification

Both fire alarm voice evacuation systems and mass notification systems employ the use of voice messaging to distribute alerts about emergencies. The main difference between the two is the kind of action required to be taken by the occupants.

Fire alarm voice evacuation systems instruct people to leave the building premises. “A fire has been detected. For your safety, please exit the building immediately”.

Sometimes, building evacuation might not be necessary. Depending upon the kind of emergency, mass alerts are given through a mass notification system. For instance, in the event of severe weather occupants could be alerted to shelter in place, or for a chemical spill they could be asked to report to a safe area within the building.

Linear Heat Detection

Linear heat detection systems make use of a wire or cable instead of a thermostat to identify heat occurring in the event of a fire. Heat is detected along the length of a sensor cable which can be installed in a number of ways and places, allowing for flexibility and coverage for your building. The cables are made up of a heat sensitive polymer which will melt if temperatures get too hot, sounding the alert and either activating an alarm system or triggering a fire suppression system. This type of system allows for up to 10,000 feet of continuous heat detection, making it an ideal fire alarm option for industries in need of fire safety for physically challenging or hazardous areas.

VESDA® Smoke Detection

Fire Protection Team offers VESDA® systems that work as early warning systems in places where the response to fire becomes critical. These systems work by taking continuous air samples in order to test conditions in a building and alert the authorities in case those samples indicate a fire, even before that potential fire has a chance to break out.

UV/IR Flame Detection

UV/IR flame detection uses ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) sensors to detect UV radiation that is caused by a flame. They can also sense emissions from many types of flammable fuels, like hydrazine, ammonia, sulfur and hydrocarbons.

Combined with the use of thermal imaging cameras (TIC), these systems can also sense a typical spectral pattern in the infrared area. The IR flame detector operates within the infrared band and is sensitive to many variations in light signals that it receives. Smoke, fuel particles, oil films and dust can be identified by these waves allowing these systems to identify traces of a fire before it even starts.

Thermal Imaging Camera System

The industrial thermal imaging cameras from Fire Protection Team have a wide range of protection capabilities for both fire and explosion. They precisely identify overheated equipment and hot spots to instantly trigger connected systems to start clamping down on potential sources of fire. Our thermal imaging cameras can be used across a spectrum of industry applications - the manufacturing floor, fire applications and combustible dust applications are just a few examples. In addition, we have further adapted this technology to offer fever monitoring alarm systems that can discreetly measure the temperatures of personnel and customers.

Video Analytics IP Smoke Detection Camera

At Fire Protection Team, we use Fike’s Video Analytics IP Smoke Detection Camera, one of the most advanced technologies used in fire safety and detection today. This high-resolution, standard network camera comes with built-in flame, motion and smoke detector capabilities. It can detect:

  • Presence of flames during an incident.
  • Smoke cloud formation apart from ambient smoke.
  • Intrusion.
  • Firelight reflection that is usually the cause of flame obstructions.

The scalable network video recorder installed in the camera comes with many capabilities:

  • Recording video streams on an internal hard disk.
  • Monitoring of live videos.
  • Alarm and video dispatch to remote locations.
  • Robust network management interface for maintenance and support.
  • Possibility of enhancing storage space to meet application requirements.

Emergency Power Shutdown Management

The emergency power shutdown management system from Fire Protection Team is a valuable tool to decrease the risks of disruptions to your business. This system aims to monitor and control emergency power shutdowns of equipment on the premises in an efficient and precise manner.

Some features of the EPSM system :

  • All controls consolidated in a single location.
  • Accurate documentation, steps in operation, precise signage, elaborate drawings for the entire system.
  • Ease of modification and expansion.
  • Protective guard reduces false activation.
  • Time/date stamp monitoring for efficient diagnostics.
  • Remote monitoring capabilities.
  • Ease of system “safe off.”

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We go the extra mile to work hand in hand with you, integrating fire safety systems in your facility without interfering with the general aesthetics of the construction. Once we install the system, we test it to make sure that it runs without a hitch — we also provide training to your staff so that they are acquainted with the functioning of the system.

With a highly trained and experienced team that takes pride in protecting life and property, we offer you a complete range of fire protection services. Fire Protection Team looks forward to hearing from you and learning more about your project.

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