Fire Alarm Installations & Retrofits

New Commercial Fire Alarm Systems In New England

Our professional fire protection technicians design, install and program fire alarm systems for all types of standard and special hazards solutions. All of our system designs are reviewed by NICET (National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies) certified fire protection technicians, and all of our field personnel are factory trained on the products we sell. This allows us to provide the best possible service to all of our customers from start to finish.

Your building’s fire alarms are important for keeping your employees safe as well as maintaining fire code compliance. Fire alarm installation requires an electrical permit to be pulled with the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) (either a state or county authority). Once the permit has been issued, system plans are submitted for review and approval. Fire alarm installation is based on fire and electrical codes, primarily NFPA 72.

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Fire Alarm Design

At Fire Protection Team, our fire alarm installation services are designed to keep your building safe at all times. Every fire alarm system we design, regardless of scope, meets the following criteria:

  • Alarm system design and engineering meets National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards, state requirements and local codes.
  • A fire alarm submittal package will be provided to the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ), typically the local Fire Prevention Bureau, for review, acceptance and permitting.
  • The system will be installed and programmed according to code.
  • A functional test of all components of the alarm system will be performed.
  • A full acceptance test will also be completed as required by the AHJ.
  • You will be trained on the operation of your fire alarm system.

If you need fire alarm installation for your building in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont or New York call Fire Protection Team. We will ensure that your alarm system is up to code and will help keep your employees safe in the event of a fire.

Our Fire Alarm System Services

Fire Protection Team offers the following products and services:

  • Fire alarm systems.
  • Standard smoke and heat detection systems.
  • Air sampling smoke detection systems.
  • Flame detection systems.
  • Voice evacuation systems.
  • Mass notification systems.

From concept to final inspection, Fire Protection Team brings experience and expertise to all phases of fire alarm and detection system projects.

Call Fire Protection Team for Fire Alarm Installations

In business since 1992, Fire Protection Team has decades of experience providing complete fire protection services for businesses, organizations, government buildings and restaurants in the New England area. Our number one focus is your safety—we want to make sure your employees, property and valuables are safe from the dangers of potential fires. We take pride in our “customer first” reputation and will do whatever it takes to make sure your property and valuables are protected from fire hazards and that your building meets fire safety codes.

The best thing about partnering with Fire Protection Team is that we are your single-source solution for all fire protection services. Our experienced fire safety professionals specialize in all aspects of fire protection, including:

  • Commercial kitchen fire suppression.
  • Fire sprinkler systems.
  • Fire suppression systems.
  • Fire extinguishers.
  • Emergency lighting.
  • And more!

Located in New England and want to learn more? Call us today to speak with one of our experienced fire safety professionals and discover why top names in business and government consistently recommend Fire Protection Team.

Fire Alarm System Retrofit Services

If your building has an older fire alarm system, our experts at Fire Protection Team can help you bring it up to modern standards by replacing obsolete components and adding the latest systems for enhanced safety, control and communications. Our fire alarm retrofit services are a great solution for:

  • Buildings with obsolete or non-functioning fire alarm systems.
  • Buildings that are undergoing renovation, expansion or repairs.
  • Buildings that are not compliant with the latest fire or safety codes.

FAQs About Fire Alarm Systems

My business does frequent drills. What can I do about alarm fatigue?

Drills are a crucial component of any life safety strategy, but they can reduce the urgency of legitimate fire responses. Blaring alarms can also raise anxiety levels, which, in turn, can lead to chaos. Voice evacuation technology can resolve both problems. These systems are renowned for their versatility. They can guide your workers and customers to safe evacuation routes and alert occupants to weather events, violence and carbon monoxide leaks.

Do I need a specialist to install my commercial system?

If fire safety installation required electrical knowledge alone, any handyman would do. Such systems are only as effective as their strategic strength, though. All states must follow ICC model codes and the NFPA 101 Life Safety Code, and only a specialist has the in-depth knowledge to apply them. Planning the ideal evacuation routes, lighting, fire fighting equipment and fire resistance into a commercial building requires just as much expertise, so choose a fire protection team that can bring you the best outcomes and smallest loss of life.

Is air sampling smoke detection necessary if I have smoke detectors?

Air sampling detectors can detect smoke hours before you can see or smell it. Speed has become critically important in the age of data centers and computing. Overheating digital technology doesn’t produce much smoke initially, so an ordinary smoke detector can cost you thousands of dollars in burned-out equipment. Innovative technology has made Very Early Warning Fire Detection possible, and when it comes to fire, faster is always better.

Should I replace my commercial fire alarm system with an intelligent system?

Addressable fire alarms give you the choice of automatic and manual functionality, so you can easily track failing hardware. Hybrid systems combine traditional and addressable systems through hardwired zone features and addressable loops. Every space is different, so it’s best to seek professional advice that’s specific to your building.

How can I tell if I need a commercial fire alarm replacement?

Smoke detectors and fire alarms need replacement every decade, but there are more important issues to address than aging hardware. Every year, improvements hit the industry in the form of advanced technology, new codes, and upgraded strategies. You also need a new system if your company has grown.

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From fire alarm installation and retrofits to inspections, maintenance, and monitoring services, trust our experts at Fire Protection Team to help keep your business safe and secure. We can give you a comprehensive assessment of your system, just connect with us online or call us at 203.250.1115 .

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