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The chief mission of Fire Protection Team is to deliver innovative, dependable and efficient fire safety solutions and product suites that help to keep your business running smoothly while ensuring the safety of life and property. We are the single point of contact for our customers, offering them fire protection throughout the state of Connecticut. 

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How often should a fire suppression system be serviced in Connecticut?

The majority of fire suppression system components do not have an endless lifespan and must be replaced on a regular basis to keep the system operating properly. According to NFPA guidelines, a certified technician should inspect fire suppression systems every two years. You ensure that your system will function properly to detect and suppress a fire by inspecting components and replacing them as necessary.

What fire extinguishers are required for a commercial kitchen in Connecticut?

Each level of every building should have a minimum of one Class ABC fire extinguisher. However, it's crucial to understand that commercial kitchens shouldn't use Class ABC fire extinguishers. Class K fire extinguishers are necessary for commercial kitchens.

The higher temperatures reached by burning cooking oils and grease as compared to other liquid-based fires is one reason why cooking fires do not respond to Class ABC fire extinguishers. Cooking oils and grease that are burning cannot be sufficiently cooled down by the dry chemicals used in Class ABC fire extinguishers to stop them from reigniting.

How often do fire extinguishers need to be inspected in Connecticut?

A fire protection equipment company is advised to inspect and certify the extinguishers in your building once a year. A thorough breakdown and internal inspection must be performed every six years, despite the fact that annual routine inspections are advised.

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