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At Fire Protection Team, we are the one-stop point for all of your CO2 refilling needs! We provide CO2 recharging across the industry spectrum. From refilling cylinders to kegerators, we have the expertise and skilled technicians to do the job to your complete satisfaction.

CO2 Refills & More

Non-flammable carbon dioxide is used to refill extinguishers, cylinders and kegerators. This process is carried out under extreme pressure. The size of the cylinders that we refill can be anywhere between 5 lbs to a few hundred pounds. Refilling CO2 cylinders is an intricate process, requiring sensitive gas-compression equipment and proficient, trained staff. 

Safe Carbon Dioxide Cylinder Refill

CO2, as a gas, needs to be filled through a compressed liquified process into cylinders. This requires precise temperature regulation as any increase or decrease in the temperatures could cause a rise or fall in pressure, leading to erroneous refills. 

At Fire Protection Team, we always ensure that cylinders are stored in a carefully climate-controlled place. At our recharging facilities, we operate at the highest levels of safety and compliance, and our staff has advanced technical expertise and can handle complicated refilling procedures satisfactorily. 

CO2 Services At Fire Protection Team

Cylinder Refills: Our team will efficiently carry out onsite refills of your CO2 cylinders. If the cylinders are in a safe condition and legally compliant, the whole procedure takes just around 10 minutes. 

Kegerator Refills: We provide kegerator refill services to commercial breweries and restaurants as well as those with home kegerators. 

Testing: We have top-rated, state-of-the-art testing equipment to ensure that your cylinders pass the test satisfactorily. We are certified to inspect cylinders and see that they are in accordance with DOT specifications. 

Bulk Refills: For your bulk refilling requirements, we have a special liquid bulk carbon dioxide refilling system in a range of sizes, starting from 300 pounds to 800 pounds of CO2 capacity. The benefits of our systems are: 

  • Easy operation.
  • Stability of content.
  • High product quality. 
  • Greater efficiency. 
  • Optimum safety for your business. 

The advantage of going in for bulk refills from Fire Protection Team is that we have permanent cryogenic refilling tanks, placed on-site, to ensure smoothness of operations and efficacy of service.

CO2 Services Near You

With relevant and timely services from the highly skilled crew at Fire Protection Team, we’ll help you to reduce the costs of business and product waste. We are confident that our carbon dioxide services will work in perfect tandem with your business goals. Connect with our team at 203.250.1115 to discuss the plan that will fit your requirements. 

Remember, Fire Protection Team is just a call away! 

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