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At Fire Protection Team, we strive to provide the highest quality service to each and every one of our clients. Our goal is to not just meet your expectations but go above and beyond to exceed them. Providing our customers ServiceTrade is one way we like to show that.

With ServiceTrade, fire protection is made both simple and effective. Some benefits of an account held with ServiceTrade include:

  • Client Service Portal 
  • Electronic Inspection Reports 
  • Real-Time Quotes 
  • Photos of Deficiencies 
  • Speedy Updates of Your Fire Protection Systems

Quality Information & Informed Decisions

With the help of ServiceTrade, Fire Protection Team provides more information and better service to our customers before, during and after service.

ServiceTrade gives FPT customers:

  • Concise, digital reporting with photos, clear typed comments, videos and audio notes to give you everything you need.
  • Immediate accessibility to electronic records of the completed services along with the system status.
  • Detailed and accurate information to make important and crucial fire protection system maintenance decisions.

Rich Reporting

To check in and check out of each service, our technicians use smartphones and tablets as tools to confirm each appointment. We use photos, videos, audio notes and digital comments to record what services occurred as well as our conclusions.

Want to see what the technician sees? You can! Because ServiceTrade applications are used on site, our customers have the ability to virtually look in on the project. The days of illegible and inefficient processes such as carbon copy forms are over and have been replaced with clearly detailed digital records.

Work Validation

ServiceTrade comes equipped with work validation tools, providing full responsibility for our technician’s time associated with your services. When technicians are on their way, arrive and have completed their work, everything is automatically tracked for each service call. GPS tracking enables our office staff to confirm that the technicians are at the right place at the right time.

Before signing the work acknowledgment report, you will see a full set of documents, photos and notes. This is to ensure that you are made fully aware of what has been completed. That signature is stored with the other rich media from the job.

All of this documentation is summarized in a single report that is emailed to you and stored in the ServiceTrade platform permanently for future reference. If you would like to save your document, these can be simply saved as a PDF as well as promptly printed for your personal records.

Enjoy Faster Repairs

Quicker repairs mean that your essential life safety systems will be fully operational and compliant. With ServiceTrade, we will instantly alert you when deficiencies are found in your equipment. This will give you the ability to approve the work order to ensure a quick turnaround for the necessary repairs to be finished.

Avoid Compliance Issues

After a visit from FPT, you are provided with an extensive, detailed history of all of the work performed in your building. Photographs and audio memos give you in-depth reporting of any repair history, deficiency repairs and completed work. Having all of this accessible information will allow you to maintain proper compliance with fire and building codes on the state and local level.

Receive Automated Quotes

If our technicians find deficiencies when they service your building, we will immediately provide a quote that thoroughly documents the necessary repairs. In addition to that, we will attach any applicable pictures to that email so you can easily review and approve the recommended services with just the click of a button. Once the repair service suggestions have been approved, ServiceTrade transforms that quote into a job that is ready to be scheduled.

Ready To Get Started?

If you are a new or existing ServiceTrade client you can log in here to access your account or set up a new one. Start enjoying the easy and convenient way to track your building’s fire safety inspections and services today!

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