Fire Alarm System Repair in New England

Essential Repair Services For Your Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

Every business has a responsibility to protect the occupants of its building when they are on its property. Detection devices, control of auxiliary systems and notification equipment are some of the examples of working components that make up a fire alarm system. Even if there is a small breakdown or malfunction in one of these parts it could lead to a damaging impact on the entire system.

Therefore, it is important that a business treats the communication alerts from the alarm system with top priority and contact the systems provider immediately. Mobilizing the services of a reputed commercial fire alarm safety provider with timely and scheduled inspections will enable your systems to be working in “All Systems Ready!” mode. When you partner with Fire Protection Team for your fire alarm system repairs and services, you can rest assured your system will be fixed properly the right way.

24/7 Emergency Services

There is no reason to leave your business and property unprotected in the event of a fire alarm acting up. If you are concerned about your system or feel that the alarm system could be damaged, you should contact the team at Fire Protection Team immediately and request emergency service.

During the middle of the night? Weekend emergency? Do not worry. We’ll attend to your call in the shortest time possible and have your fire alarm system up and running. Quick responses from our end have drastically limited the risk of loss of life or damage to property in the event of a fire breaking out in your vicinity.

Does Your Building’s Fire Alarm System Need Repair?

Even with regular maintenance and routine checks on the system, there could still be a need for repair. Some possible reasons are:

  • Problems with device compatibility.
  • False alarms that repeatedly go off and disrupt daily operations.
  • Broken annunciator panels.
  • Power surges and lightning strikes that could cause damage.
  • Damaged cables, blown fuses or defective batteries could lead to problems.
  • Defect in the control panels.
  • Tie-ins and retrofits that have not been installed properly; could lead to erratic performance.

It could be possible that in spite of having your fire alarm system inspected and maintained, there could be constant breakdowns, and you end up paying for replacing spare parts. In such cases, it is best to have the existing system replaced. Repairing it often will only cost you more.

System Maintenance & Testing

It is always a good idea to keep your fire alarm systems in top condition. For this, it is best to set up routine inspections and testing with Fire Protection Team. The benefits of doing this? That way you can catch problems early and nip them in the bud. What’s more, this will give you the necessary assurance that the fire alarm system is in working order.

Your One-Stop-Shop For Everything In Fire Protection

From installation to inspection, testing, maintenance and repairs, we handle the entire spectrum of fire protection services. Our dispatchers are spread out evenly throughout the New England area; this enables our team to get to your business quickly.

Is your fire alarm system in need of repair? Let our team give it a lookover. Contact Fire Protection Team today online or by phone at 203.250.1115 .

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