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Emergency lighting: When you need it, it has to work. At Fire Protection Team, our professionally trained and certified technicians can install and upgrade the emergency lighting and exit signs your building needs to minimize injuries and protect lives in an evacuation situation. We also offer inspections, maintenance and repair services. In business since 1992, you can trust Fire Protection Team to deliver a job well done.

Emergency Lighting Installations & Upgrades

The purpose of emergency lighting is to illuminate hallways and stairwells and point out the exit in an emergency. Backup batteries ensure the lights remain lit even during a power outage.

There are many types of emergency lighting systems to choose from, and several components go with each one. Our knowledgeable technicians can guide you in selecting the right emergency lighting and exit signage for your space. Plus, we ensure the design and layout of your emergency lights meets all relevant health and fire safety regulations.

When FPT technicians assist with the installation and upgrade process, you can trust that you’ll receive a code-compliant solution that maintains your occupancy status and allows you to avoid penalties. Then, if you ever need to evacuate in a hurry, you can count on the emergency lighting to prevent panic and facilitate an orderly exit.

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Emergency Lighting Inspections & Maintenance

As with other parts of your fire protection system, the emergency lighting requires regular inspections and maintenance to remain in top working condition. Hire FPT to inspect your entire system in compliance with state and local fire codes. Our expert staff keeps up-to-date with the latest code changes, so you know our services will help you pass a fire code inspection.

Here’s what emergency lighting maintenance entails:

  • Load test the battery.
  • Align remote heads.
  • Maintain the bulb, battery and unit as needed.
  • Clean remote fixtures, terminals and leads.
  • Ensure your system is code compliant in every way.

After each inspection, we provide you with a detailed written report of our findings, complete with recommendations to repair or improve your emergency lighting, if necessary. No matter if you’re in Danbury, Hooksett, New Britain or beyond, our technicians are knowledgeable of both local and state codes.

Emergency Lighting Repair

As a vital feature of your building’s fire safety system, you should address any problems with your emergency lights as soon as you notice them. Most issues will become apparent during routine inspections, but if you see a problem at any other time, give FPT a call right away. We can replace light bulbs, batteries, exit signs and other damaged signage to keep your building safe and well-lit in an emergency.

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At FPT, our job is to keep your building safe and code compliant. Let us help you meet regulations and prepare for an unexpected emergency. We have been serving our customers in the New England area since 1992.

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