CO2 Cylinder Refill Services In New England

One Gas, Many Purposes

Carbon dioxide is a versatile gas that has many uses, both private and commercial. However, anytime you are dealing with a pressurized gas there is the potential for danger, which is why you should let the experts at Fire Protection Team refill your CO2 cylinders safely today.

What Are CO2 Cylinders Used For?

CO2 cylinders are most often thought of as fire extinguishers or as the fuel that makes a kegerator work. But CO2 is a tool with a myriad of applications.

  • Food - CO2 can be used as a food additive and, in baking applications, as a leavening agent. Baking soda and baking powder both produce CO2 when heated, giving rise to fluffy, delicious breads and pastries.
  • Medical - Though CO2 is a waste gas we expel with each breath, it can actually help us breathe. People with sleep apnea issues sometimes add up to 5% CO2 to the air they breathe to help control the balance of CO2 and oxygen in their blood.
  • Sandblasting -  We often think of CO2 as a risk to the environment due to its status as a greenhouse gas, but dry ice pellets (frozen CO2) are used in sandblasting applications as it’s more eco-friendly than other abrasives.
  • Swimming Pools - Swimming pools require a delicate balance of chemicals to keep them safe and ready for summertime enjoyment. CO2 can be pumped into pools to help keep pH levels stable.

CO2 Safety Information

Safely handling your CO2 tanks is important for your health and the well-being of those around you. A CO2 leak in a confined space can raise levels to a point where it can cause suffocation or even death. It can also mix with moisture in the air to form carbonic acid, a weak acid that is nevertheless capable of damaging some materials. But this can be avoided with proper care. 

Make sure your CO2 tanks are stored upright and secured so they don’t tip over. Wear clothing that covers your skin if you are connecting or disconnecting lines. Store them away from high heat sources and out of direct sunlight. If possible, they should be kept in a well ventilated area, but if they must be stored in an enclosed area, equip it with a CO2 monitoring system to protect against leaks. Following these simple guidelines can safely use CO2 in your home or business.

Have Your CO2 Tanks Filled Today!

Whatever the application, you don’t want to run out of CO2 when it’s needed. Call Fire Protection Team at 203.250.1115 or connect with us online to get your tank refilled today!

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