Fire Hydrant Services in New England

Fire Hydrant Repairs & Testing

At Fire Protection Team, we are committed to providing the commercial properties and buildings of New England quality fire hydrant services. We cover everything that has to do with fire hydrants, from their maintenance to replacing them if needed. We are also proficient in hydrant repair services.

Whenever possible, FPT will repair, not replace, hydrants so that they can continue to function for many more years to come. For precise hydrant solutions for your New England commercial property, contact our team of experts today.

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Regular Inspections For Your Property’s Fire Hydrants

As fire hydrants are constantly exposed to the environment, there could be some problems that could keep occurring, like:

  • Rust, corrosion, wear and tear.
  • Accidental damage.
  • Technical malfunctions.
  • Vandalism.
  • Closing of hydrant tap valves accidentally.

Regular fire hydrant inspections are essential. These will detect any technical faults or damage to the hydrants that could prevent them from working efficiently, just when you need them the most. Having these checks in place comes at a very small cost, compared with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your fire hydrants will perform at their optimal best in case of an emergency.

Fire Hydrant Testing

An important part of fire hydrant testing is the flow test, which helps determine the availability of water in case of a fire. A fire hydrant flow testing involves the following actions:

  1. The installation of a pressure gauge to prepare for the test.
  2. The fire hydrant will be opened fully and the water should be allowed to flow out for at least a minute. This helps to disperse any embedded material in the waterline and helps the fire hydrant to work smoothly while an accurate pressure reading can be then obtained.
  3. The flow of water will then be stopped and it should be determined whether the fire hydrant shuts off appropriately.
  4. Data from the pressure gauge will be recorded. The findings should meet NFPA standards.

Fire Hydrant Inspection

Once the flow test is over, our crew from Fire Protection Team will carefully inspect the fire hydrant and all its parts.

Some steps in our process include:

  • The cleaning and lubrication of cap threads and chains. If there are any cracked or missing caps they will be replaced.
  • All valves are checked for easy opening and closing. Leaky valves are tightened and any that do not open or close fully are reported.
  • The exteriors that present areas of rust or have chipped paint are touched up with aerosol paint.
  • Any markings and curb spray paint have to be readily visible or identifiable.
  • Any hydrants that need repainting are reported.

Full Hydrant Services From FPT

The benefits of conducting routine fire hydrant maintenance cannot be understated. The advantages of doing so include:

  • Enhanced safety and great peace of mind with the knowledge that your building is functioning under the canopy of fire hydrant protection.
  • There may be financial benefits, with lower monthly premium payments and better insurance coverage.
  • Avoid financial repercussions in the form of costly fines, penalties and fees.

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