Restaurant Fire Suppression in New England

Full Restaurant Fire Suppression System Services

One of the greatest risks for fires to erupt lie in commercial kitchens. This is due to the fact there is a lot of high-heat, industrial equipment in a restaurant or catering space that stays in contact with various cooking oils, fats and grease, putting it to substantial risk. It is certainly a tricky exercise to protect staff, customers, equipment and property while regularly working with fire, gas, oils and other kitchen hazards. Just placing fire extinguishers in the area would not be very productive as they would have to function in a culinary environment. Protect your commercial kitchen with the full services for restaurant fire suppression systems provided by Fire Protection Team. 

Douse That Kitchen Fire Before It Spreads With Fire Protection Team

Whether you need a new restaurant fire suppression system installed or you would like your existing one to be inspected and serviced, the team at Fire Protection Team is ready and waiting to help you. We provide every associated service that comes with a fire suppression system — customizing, designing, installing and conducting routine testing and inspections. 

What Makes Up A Restaurant Fire Suppression System?

There are many restaurant fire suppression systems on the market but they all have two basic components that help protect modern-day kitchens during a fire:

  • A hood that acts like a canopy over the cooking station. 
  • A suppressant line that runs through the cooking station.

Both of these applications are crucial for the system to work fully — the part that disengages the fuel and the part that puts the fire suppressant to work. 

How Does A Restaurant Fire Suppression System Work?

  • When the system trips, the gas line will be automatically shut off. The fuel source of the fire is put to rest.
  • Even after the gas has been switched off, some grease fires could continue to burn and spread across the room. This is where the other component of the entire system comes into play: the set of nozzles installed about the cooking station within the hood. 
  • If the second element steps in, that is, if the nozzles are made to discharge, a special chemical fire suppressant is released from them. The fire suppressant not only puts out grease fires but can prevent re-ignition of the flames.
  • The kitchen hood will also help by removing smoke from the vicinity. 

Restaurant Fire Safety Is Just A Call Away

When activated, a restaurant wet chemical fire suppression system can spring into action and put out kitchen fires swiftly. This ensures the safety and protection of your staff and property while reducing damage to appliances and equipment within the kitchen. 

Call Fire Protection Team at 203.250.1115 and secure peace of mind for your restaurant, people and business!

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