Dry Chemical Fire Suppression Systems in New England

Dry Chemical Fire Suppression Solutions For Your Company

Fire hazards continue to pose threats to human safety and to business property. To prevent these hazards, there are a number of fire suppression systems that can respond quickly to the situation on hand and thus help to minimize damage. One such fire suppression system is a dry chemical fire suppression system which can be used for a vast number of industries and applications. 

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What A Dry Chemical System Entails

This fire suppression system uses a dry chemical element as its protection mechanism to put out a fire. It consists of a large tank that is filled to the brim with a specific, dry chemical powder. It is then pressurized. Activating the system either manually or electronically will open up the valve on the pressurized tank, which will then release the dry powder through the system’s nozzles. The chemical powder covers the flames and smothers the fire within a short span of time. 

Benefits Of A Dry Chemical Fire Suppression System

There are certain industries that can make very good use of a dry chemical system. Here are some benefits:

  • These systems can be activated easily, either electrically or mechanically.
  • They are very reliable. You can trust them to protect your personnel, products and property.
  • As a lot of the dry chemical agent is pumped out when sprayed, it can extinguish fires quickly and efficiently.
  • As the dry chemical fire suppression system can be recharged as many times as needed, they are an efficient, cost-saving tool to use. Just make sure that the system is sufficiently recharged after use. 
  • They work great in places where water cannot be used to douse a fire. For instance, if your facility stores electronic parts, having a dry chemical system makes for a good choice.
  • They lead to great savings and compare brilliantly over other options when it comes to pricing. 

Should Your Business Employ A Dry Chemical Suppression System?

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