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Fire Marshal Says 1 Sprinkler Would Have Prevented Tragedy in New England Fire
Fire Sprinklers Prevent Tragedy: A Lesson from Silver Spring In a heartbreaking incident in February 2023 in Silver Spring, Maryland, a devastating fire engulfed a…
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Warmer Weather Means Fire Sprinkler Trip Testing Time
It seemed like warm weather would never come to New England, but it's finally here! This means it is time for Fire Protection Team to…
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Fire sprinkler system stops fire before It’s out of control
Fire sprinkler system stops fire & saves building. In Sioux Falls, Iowa a fire sprinkler system helped contain what could have been a much larger fire last. …
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Officials defend fire sprinklers after controversial document
By Amelia Pak-Harvey LOWELL — Fire officials are coming to the defense of sprinklers after a controversial state document raised questions on the cost and…
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Working smoke detectors are a must.
SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A working smoke detector is a must, and if possible, consider living in a building that has a sprinkler system. Fire…
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Fire Sprinkler System Investment: $1,000 saves $600,000
Fire Sprinkler System is a good investment for this family. Originally, the homeowner didn’t want the sprinklers. Now they are so thankful they had them.…
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Fire sprinkler system cost worth it in Boston?
Fire sprinkler system cost money, yes.  They also save lives.  How do we calculate their real value? Would the seven lives lost to that horrific…
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Homes with Fire Sprinklers are preferred by buyers study shows.
In a new national Harris Poll survey conducted on behalf of the nonprofit Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition (HFSC), 74% of U.S. homeowners said they would…
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Fire Sprinkler Inspection: why is it mandatory?
A fire sprinkler inspection is a mandatory practice required once a year for every building with a fire protection system. A fire sprinkler inspection is required MORE than once a…
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This is a “hot-rod fire pump.” Awesome.
Why is a fire pump is necessary? Every fire sprinkler system needs enough water to supply all of the sprinkler heads, right?  Sometimes it’s not…
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