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Fire sprinkler system stops fire before It’s out of control

Posted on: August 11, 2017

Fire sprinkler system stops fire & saves building.

In Sioux Falls, Iowa a fire sprinkler system helped contain what could have been a much larger fire last.  Sioux Falls Fire Rescue responded to a structure fire at this three-story business and apartment building in downtown Sioux Falls around 4:30 AM Sunday.  Firefighters said the fire started in a kitchen on the third floor apartment, but the sprinkler system quickly kicked in and put out the fire, containing the small amount of damage to the one apartment kitchen.  All of the tenants were able to safely exit the building.  Firefighters said it’s a great example of how a working sprinkler system can save lives and prevent damage during a fire.  Read more by clicking HERE

We are a fire sprinkler installer.  We service, inspect, and install fire sprinkler system stops fire before it gets out of control.  Our service area is New Hampshire, Maine and Northern Massachusetts.  Call now to speak to a friendly and helpful technician that will make your building safer for its inhabitants.

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