Fire Protection Services for CT & NH Offices

Office Building Fire Safety Throughout New England

For office building owners and facility managers, fire protection throughout the property is a key concern. Properly installed and functioning fire sprinklers, extinguishers and fire alarm systems are essential to help occupants feel safe and to keep them safe in an emergency.

The well-being of commercial building tenants, employees and members of the public is vital to maintaining their confidence to lease, work, conduct business or visit your office building. Fire protection is also crucial to avoid catastrophic property damage and meet building codes and insurance requirements related to fire suppression and safety. Fire Protection Team provides complete fire safety solutions for valued clients, large and small, in CT, NH, RI, VT, MA and NY.

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At Fire Protection Team, we make sure office buildings are well equipped with state-of-the-art fire protection products, services and training to minimize fire damage and enhance building safety. With many decades of experience in the office building fire protection industry, FPT is prepared to assess your fire protection needs and offer ideal solutions. We provide expert fire protection services throughout New England, offering 24/7 emergency service for your peace of mind.

Fire Alarm Services for Office Buildings

In the event of a fire at your building, time is of the essence to avoid injury and minimize property damage. Let us set up and service fire alarm equipment that provides a dependable warning system, allowing for organized and safe building evacuation. FPT designs, installs and services fire alarm systems at your CT office building. We also provide 24-hour fire system monitoring and daily testing so that fire departments are properly notified for quick emergency response.

Office Building Fire Sprinkler Systems

A well-designed building sprinkler system keeps fire damage to a minimum and protects your investment in an emergency situation. FPT installs and services wet and dry pipe, pre-action and deluge sprinklers. We also provide fire sprinkler maintenance, inspection, testing and repair. Count on FPT for reliable fire sprinkler systems to ensure that any upcoming fire emergency is a minor event.

Fire Extinguisher Services for Office Buildings

There’s no substitute for portable fire extinguishers when you need to quickly contain a fire. FPT makes sure your office building has the proper types of fire extinguishers, deployed in the most effective locations for quick fire suppression. We sell and service dependable portable fire extinguishers and provide regular recharge, inspection and testing services to help keep your building safe.

Complete Fire Protection Services

Fire alarm, sprinkler, and extinguisher services are just the beginning. FPT also offers installation, inspection, maintenance and repair for:

Where to Find Expert Fire Protection Services in Connecticut & New Hampshire

Be certain that your office building is fully prepared and protected during a fire emergency. Choose reliable and experienced fire protection and safety services from your local Fire Protection Team.
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