Fire Protection For New Construction Projects In CT, NH & New England

Start The Project Right With Fire Safety Services From FPT

Fire Protection Team is a full-service fire protection company and trusted industry leader since 1992, meaning we can outfit your new building with all the equipment you need on time and on budget, including:

  • Fire sprinklers: Many commercial buildings require a sprinkler system to be code compliant. We’ll help you choose the right equipment to meet your building’s needs.
  • Fire pumps: If you own a high-rise building, you may need a fire pump to ensure ample water pressure in your sprinkler system. We’ll design and install the perfect solution for you.
  • Backflow preventers: Your sprinkler system may require this feature to prevent toxic water from flowing backward into the municipal water supply. We’ll install backflow preventers during the construction phase to avoid future disruptions to your building.
  • Fire alarms: When it comes to saving lives, nothing beats a fire alarm. The perfect time to hardwire a fire alarm system into your building is when the walls and ceilings are still unfinished.
  • Fire extinguishers: You can add portable fire extinguishers to your building at any time, but it’s worthwhile to install the proper equipment before your building’s grand opening celebration. FPT will help you select the right type and number of extinguishers for code compliance.
  • Emergency lighting: Exit signs and floodlights with backup batteries are essential for life safety during a fire. We stay up-to-date with the latest emergency lighting code requirements to ensure your new building is outfitted with everything you need to earn your Certificate of Occupancy on time.
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Fire Protection for New Buildings

Fire Protection Team offers fire protection services for a variety of newly constructed buildings. We’re proud to service the following types of buildings in Connecticut, New Hampshire and throughout New England:

New Construction Safety Requirements

Are you familiar with the NFPA 5000 Building Construction and Safety Code? This book provides all the information that building owners and construction crews need to “safeguard life, health, property and public welfare and minimize injuries” during new construction projects. If you hope to meet all fire and safety code requirements, you must comply with NFPA 5000 before you apply for your Certificate of Occupancy.

Fortunately, Fire Protection Team is here to help you comply with all necessary rules and regulations. We recommend designing and implementing a fire protection system during construction to avoid headaches later on. Our full-service offerings will help from engineering through all phases of the installation.

Why Fire Protection Team?

With decades of experience, FPT is highly qualified to outfit your new building with everything you need to ensure code compliance from day one. We take a customer-centric approach to fire protection, meaning we’re not satisfied with the job until you are. We apply this cradle to the grave concept of professionalism and knowledge to new construction projects of all sizes. From local shops to a multi-million-dollar project, you can trust Fire Protection Team, a leading contractor for fire safety installations in New England.

Once the installation is complete, trust us for ongoing repair, maintenance and testing to keep your equipment in good condition for many years. We can handle all your fire protection needs to simplify this important part of owning a business.

Call Fire Protection Team for New Construction Fire Protection in CT, NH, MA, VT, RI & NY

We are experts in fire protection and would love the opportunity to bid on your next new construction project. We will consult, engineer and assemble the right team in order to get the work done on time and more importantly, at the best value.

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