NOVEC 1230 Fire Suppression Systems

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NOVEC® 1230 was introduced into the market in 2005 and is also known as FK-5-1-12 in NFPA 2001. NOVEC® 1230 fluid is an effective fire extinguishing agent in standard fire scenarios where halons historically have been. The agent is stored in cylinders in its fluid form and instantly evaporates upon discharge as a clear, colorless, low odor, liquid that is super-pressurized with nitrogen and stored in high-pressure cylinders. NOVEC® 1230 fluid extinguishes fire principally by removing heat from the fire. Upon discharge, NOVEC®  1230 fluid creates a gaseous mixture with air. This agent/air mixture has a heat capacity much larger than that of air alone. A higher heat capacity means that this gas mixture will absorb more energy (heat) for each degree of temperature change it experiences.

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NOVEC® 1230 has a zero ozone-depletion potential and has the lowest global warming potential of all the man-made clean agents on the market. The agent also has a 5-day atmospheric lifetime. NOVEC® 1230 does not displace oxygen and therefore is safe for use in occupied spaces without fear of oxygen deprivation.

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