Halon 1301 Fire Suppression Services In New England

Recharging, Testing & Inspection Services For Halon 1301 Systems

For years Halon 1301 served as a leading clean fire extinguishing agent. Unfortunately, due to the negative impact on the environment, specifically the depletion of the ozone, in 1994 the systems were greatly restricted as far as production and new installations. While a number of replacement systems exist, for those still employing a Halon 1301 system Fire Protection Team can help. We provide recharging, testing and repair services for these unique fire suppression systems in and around Connecticut, New Hampshire and throughout New England. 

How Does Halon Fire Suppression Work?

Halon, short for halogenated hydrocarbon, is a liquefied gas used to extinguish fire by chemically interrupting the combustion chain reaction. Halon 1301 is discharged primarily as a gas which gives it the flexibility to penetrate behind obstacles and within tight spaces. It was very popular as it’s use leaves no residue and is therefore classified as “clean agent” fire suppression. 

However, halons have been found to be an ozone-depleting substance with harmful climate effects. Therefore, the US banned production and import of this gas in 1994. 

Our Halon 1301 Services

Our team is happy to help you navigate through your options when it comes to Halon 1301 fire suppression. While there are a number of limitations put on this clean fire extinguishing agent, a company with an existing Halon 1301 system can still use this gas for their fire suppression needs with a few restrictions:

  • While there is no newly produced halon to purchase, a company has the option to buy recycled halon and continue to use the system. 
  • Any discharge testing is strongly discouraged. 

Halon 1301 Solutions For Your New England Business

Does your building employ a Halon 1301 fire suppression system? If so, Fire Protection Team can provide you with services that comply with federal environmental law as well as your state and local codes so that you can continue to operate your system safely and effectively. To learn more or to schedule a consultation, connect with our team today online or by phone at 203.250.1115 !

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