Marine Fire Extinguishing Systems In New England

Keep Your Vessel Protected With A Marine Fire Extinguishing System

Water, water everywhere and not a drop you can use to protect your boat from fire? The idea of a fire at sea may seem somewhat counterintuitive considering you’re surrounded by H20, but the threat there is just as real as it is on dry land. Plus, your boat is a huge investment - you want to make sure it’s protected, right?

Most Marine Insurance Policies insist your systems are inspected annually and properly maintained. Let us give you the peace of mind that in the event of a fire your boat is properly protected.

You can do that with a marine fire extinguishing system from the pros at Fire Protection Team. Our decades of experience in fire suppression  translate just as well at sea as on land. We can equip your boat with a robust system that will prepare you for any accident, turning catastrophe into calm waters.


High-End Equipment For High-End Protection

Approximately 75% of boats use a total flooding pre-engineered fire extinguishing system from Fireboy-Xintex. Those sorts of results speak for themselves. To be the best, you have to work with the best, which is why Fire Protection Team chooses to work with Fireboy-Xintex products. Their Clean Agent HFC-22ea and 3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluids are top-of-the-line and approved by authorities the world over, perfect for giving your boat access to the seven seas. 

Fireboy systems are built to automatically discharge whenever the ambient temperature in their protected space reaches 175° Fahrenheit (63° Celsius). Once activated, they expel their extinguishing medium fully in 10 seconds, quenching the fire through a combination of heat reduction and chemical reaction. The best news? It leaves no trace. No powdery residue, no water left behind - it sweeps in, stops the fire and is gone before you even knew it was there.


Fire Protection Team Always Has Your Stern

In addition to installing and calibrating your new Fireboy-Xintex system, Fire Protection Team will stay involved to make sure it’s always ready if needed. Some of the additional services we provide include:

  • Annual required Coast Guard inspections.
  • Regularly scheduled service to maintain the system.
  • Replacement of individual tanks as needed to ensure system capability.

You never know when you might need a fire extinguishing system on your boat, which is why Fire Protection Team is committed to making sure yours is good to go at any time.


Dedicated Fire Suppression Services For New England

For decades Fire Protection Team has been protecting people in the Northeast United States. Now we expand that protection to the waters as well. Whether you’ve got a little boat to scoot down the river or a massive yacht for sailing the high seas, we have the answer to keep you safe. Message us online or call us at 203.250.1115 today!

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