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Full Fire Safety Services For Property Management Specialists

Property management specialists are adept at looking after the needs of landlords and tenants on a large scale, including the implementation and maintenance of security and safety systems and protocols. Fire Protection Team offers a wide array of fire and safety solutions for property management professionals, and we will work with you to meet the unique needs of each of your facilities.

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Fire Protection Solutions For Your Property

Regardless of the number of properties in your portfolio, Fire Protection Team can provide customized solutions to ensure compliance with individual building and safety codes. Our fire suppression systems and equipment are suited for all types of properties, from residential dwellings to commercial office buildings, and we handle every aspect of fire protection, including design, implementation, testing and maintenance. Our extensive lineup of products and services includes:

Emergency Lighting

In the event of an emergency where power or visibility may be limited, emergency lighting in stairwells and hallways can help guide the occupants of your building towards a safe exit. Battery backups ensure reliable operation during power outages and each of our emergency lighting solutions is code-compliant. We will help you choose the right system to suit your exact needs and assist with the design and layout to adhere to all relevant fire and safety regulations.

Portable Fire Extinguishers

Portable fire extinguishers can help to save lives and reduce the amount of damage from a fire. We carry an array of portable fire extinguishers from some of the industry’s leading manufacturers, chosen for their exceptional performance and reliability. We can assist with the selection and strategic placement throughout your facilities, based on each unique environment.

Fire Alarms

Fire alarms are a vital component of any fire protection system, providing the earliest warning to occupants in commercial buildings or multiple-family dwellings for safe evacuation. Our technicians will design, install and program your fire alarm system to the highest standards for safety and compliance.

Fire Sprinklers

Next to safety, our priority with our fire sprinkler systems is a clean installation, achieved by working closely with building owners, architects, contractors and tradespeople. Upon installation, we will test your system to ensure reliable operation and provide live training to ensure all relevant parties have enhanced knowledge of system operations.

Fire Alarm Inspection & Testing

Our fire alarm inspection and testing services ensure you remain code-compliant to protect your structure and occupants in the event of a fire. We test every system component and inspect all makes and models of equipment to ensure reliable, year-round safety and performance.

Fire Extinguisher Testing

Fire extinguishers are only effective when they are properly maintained and charged, and Fire Protection Team offers fire extinguisher testing services to maximize the reliability and performance of your equipment when you need it the most.

Alarm System Monitoring

Exceptionally trained and certified operators will monitor your alarm system 24/7/365, and respond to any incoming signals. After contacting the relevant authorities, operators will refer to your emergency contact list and notify authorized personnel of the event.

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In business since 1992 with a commitment to provide only the finest quality products and services, it’s easy to see why Fire Protection Team is the premier source for fire protection solutions throughout Connecticut, New Hampshire and all of New England!

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