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Fire Protection for Data Centers in CT & NH

As experts in fire protection services, Fire Protection Team can provide tailored services to fit the unique needs of data center clients. If you run a data center and need reliable fire protection, turn to us. We’ll take care of all your needs by supplying, installing, and servicing all your fire suppression equipment.

Our comprehensive data center fire protection services include providing training, inspections, maintenance, and compliance for building fire sprinklers, fire extinguishers, and fire protection systems.

Many things could go awry in a data center, which is why it’s vital to make sure your data center is fireproof and equipped to handle a possible fire. While the risk of a fire happening in a data center is small, the damage that could occur if it does happen is significant. A fire could result in the loss of important information that you may not be able to recover. That’s why it’s important to have a proper fire protection system in place.

Some crucial fire protection features to consider for data centers are:

  • Fire alarms
  • Fire sprinkler systems
  • Fire-resistant construction and materials
  • Clean agent fire suppression systems
  • Fire extinguishers

In addition to having fire protection systems in place, it’s also important to have all personnel trained on what to do in a fire-related emergency and have a plan in place.

Being ready for a fire should be a crucial part of your data center’s safety plan. To learn more about how Fire Protection Team can help protect your data center in Connecticut or New Hampshire, contact us to speak with an expert today.

Data Center Fire Protection FAQ

What areas of a data center need fire protection?
It’s important to have appropriate fire protection equipment in every part of your data center’s building, including protection for the overall building, room-specific protection, and rack-level protection.

What other suppression options are available besides sprinklers?
We understand you may not want traditional sprinklers in order not to damage electronic equipment. Instead, you can get a clean agent fire suppression system that uses gas suppression to eliminate fires and reduce the spread without causing water damage to equipment.

How can I take extra precautions to protect data loss from a potential fire?
A fire could potentially result in losing all stored data. To prevent this from happening in case of a fire, make sure you have a cloud interface for data backup so it won’t be lost in case of a fire emergency.

Choose Fire Protection Team for the Safety of Your Data Center

As experienced and knowledgeable fire protection experts, we understand nothing is more important to your property and personnel than safety. With expertise in all aspects of data center fire safety, our team is ready to design a fire protection system built around your needs.

Turn to us to set up and manage your data center’s fire protection equipment and system. Contact Fire Protection Team at 203-250-1115 today.

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