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Hydrostatic Testing Services in Connecticut & New Hampshire

If your Connecticut or New Hampshire business has fire extinguishers, it is important to ensure that these pressurized canisters are ready for use when you need them. Hydrostatic testing is important to make sure equipment is prepared to undergo pressure.

Fire Protection Team offers hydrostatic testing for fire extinguishers in New Hampshire and Connecticut from our testing facility.

If you’re located in Connecticut or New Hampshire and are in need of hydrostatic testing for your extinguishers, please call or contact Fire Protection Team online today.

What Is Hydrostatic Testing?

The process of hydrostatic testing verifies the structural integrity of pressurized canisters like fire extinguishers. This testing method is used because a simple visual inspection is not enough to confirm that a fire extinguisher will work safely when you need it. Proper hydrostatic testing also looks for any structural weaknesses in an extinguisher, as normal workplace conditions can cause damage that may lead to sudden malfunction.

Depending on the type of fire extinguisher, hydrostatic testing should be done at different increments of time. In the case of carbon dioxide and most other extinguishers, it is recommended to test them every five years. Dry chemical and Halon fire extinguishers are the exceptions to this, as they require testing every 12 years.

Fire Protection Team’s hydrostatic testing process will ensure that all parts of the extinguisher, including the cylinder, shell, and hose, are functional and up to your local fire prevention code.

Schedule Hydrostatic Testing for Fire Extinguishers Today

If your fire extinguishers need to undergo hydrostatic testing, please call or contact Fire Protection Team online to schedule an appointment.

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