How To Keep Your Fire Extinguishers In Top Shape

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A DIY Guide to Fire Extinguisher Visual Inspection & Maintenance

If, heaven forbid, a fire were to break out in your building, how confident are you in your fire extinguishers? If it came down to a rapidly-spreading fire and the nearest fire extinguisher, are you sure that all of your employees would know what to do to stop the fire before it becomes a catastrophe?

Including regular visual inspections of your fire extinguishers as part of your company’s fire safety standard operating procedures can greatly increase the likelihood that they’ll work correctly when needed. Let’s take a look at how you can check and maintain your extinguishers between professional inspections.

Visual Inspection: What to Look For

It’s recommended that you visually inspect your fire extinguishers each month. It’s all right if you’re not an expert; we’ll describe exactly what to look for and how to keep your fire extinguishers disaster-ready.


Maintenance Tips for Fire Extinguishers

Apart from visual inspections, a few maintenance steps can extend the lifespan of your fire extinguishers:

Professional Inspection

While DIY visual inspections are vital, a professional fire extinguisher inspection is essential for a thorough evaluation. They’re also required by law. A professional inspection should be conducted every six months to make sure your fire safety equipment is in good working order and ready to serve when you need it.

During a professional inspection, expect the following:

Internal Examination

The fire safety technician will disassemble and inspect internal components for signs of corrosion, wear, or damage.

Hydrostatic Testing

This is a pressure test that ensures the extinguisher’s container is still structurally sound and won’t rupture under pressure.

Recharging and Replacement

Technician will recharge the extinguisher if necessary and replace any damaged components.

Count on Fire Protection Team For Your Semi-Anual Inspections

With just a few simple steps, your monthly visual inspections will go a long way toward ensuring your fire extinguishers remain ready for action in the event of a fire. When it’s time for your required professional inspections, you’ll want to partner with Fire Protection Team. With a solid reputation for fast and thorough work, we’re the trusted expert for fire safety inspections in New England. Contact us today at 203.250.1115 for further information or to schedule service!

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