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Commercial Kitchen Fire Suppression in Connecticut & New Hampshire

Protecting your restaurant or other commercial kitchens with proper fire suppression equipment is essential. Commercial kitchens run a huge risk of fires breaking out at any time, so a fire suppression system is the best way to prepare for an emergency.

Types of Suppression Systems for Commercial Kitchens in Connecticut & New Hampshire

Fire Protection Team provides restaurants and commercial kitchens throughout Connecticut and New Hampshire with fire suppression systems that meet the individualized needs of each kitchen. From ANSUL systems to sprinkler systems and more, we can outfit your commercial kitchen with the best lines of defense against kitchen fires. ANSUL units, suppression systems built into stove hoods that automatically activate in the event of a fire, are a great choice for many commercial kitchens.

In addition to the suppression system itself, we will ensure that everything is connected properly to your alarm systems, controls and more.

To schedule a consultation for fire suppression in your commercial kitchen in Connecticut or New Hampshire, contact Fire Protection Team today.

Fire Protection Services for Commercial Kitchens in Connecticut & New Hampshire

In addition to fire suppression systems, Fire Protection Team offers other fire protection that is necessary for a commercial kitchen. For the best chance at suppressing small grease fires, we recommend having some Class K fire extinguishers on hand. Multipurpose Class ABC portable fire extinguishers are recommended to have on hand for other types of fires. In addition to multiple types of fire extinguishers, it is important to have emergency lighting in your commercial kitchen in case of a power outage and emergency. Our fire protection experts can make recommendations on where to best place emergency lighting to ensure safe evacuation in case of emergency.

Schedule Fire Suppression Services Today in Cheshire, CT & Hooksett, NH

If your commercial kitchen is in need of fire suppression services, call the experts at Fire Protection Team. We’ve been serving Connecticut and New Hampshire businesses since 1992. We’re committed to keeping you, your employees, and your facility safe.

Contact us online to schedule an appointment for fire protection services today in the area of Cheshire, CT and Hooksett, NH.

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