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Fire Standpipe Installation

Standpipe Installation

Standpipes are an arrangement of piping, valves, and hose connections. We install standpipes in a building or structure with the hose connections located in such a manner that the water can be discharged through attached hoses and nozzles. Fire Protection Testing performs complete standpipe installation, renovation, repair, and maintenance of Standpipe Systems.

Our Standard Is a Clean Installation

Fire Protection Testing has been providing standpipe installation services and inspections since 1929. Standpipes are a critical component of any fire suppression system. We offer reliable and effective testing, repair, and installation services to ensure that you are protected in the event of a fire emergency.

One of the oldest and most effective systems extinguishing the fire is a standpipe system. The services that Fire Protection Testing technicians perform on your standpipes and fire sprinklers meet all regulatory standards of the state and local fire departments. Through our services team, we will make sure that all standpipe systems receive the required tests and inspections.

Firefigher Life Line

Standpipe Systems are used by the Fire Department when they need emergency water to extinguish a fire. They are charged with water connected to a Fire Pump or Fire Sprinkler System. In an emergency, the Fire Department connects to the standpipe fire department connection located at the ground level of the standpipe installation and fill the piping with water.

Fire Sprinkler Standpipe Maintenance
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