Fire Pump Installation

Fire Pump Replacement, New & Retrofit Services In New England

Fire Protection Team can help with your fire pump installation needs. We have performed fire pump installations throughout Connecticut, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York and Rhode Island including countless retrofits. We also offer full fire pump services, including inspection and testing.

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Our Standard Is a Clean Installation

We install quality fire pumps such as Fairbanks, Peerless, Aurora, Morse and Armstrong. All our installations and repairs follow the NFPA 20 Standards and city requirements. Also, we can install all types of electric and diesel motor driven fire pump assembly installations.

  • Split Case Horizontal
  • Split Case Vertical
  • Vertical In-Line
  • Vertical Turbine
  • Packaged Skid Mounted

Protecting Your Building From Fire

When a municipal water system can’t provide enough pressure to a fire protection system, we install fire pumps. We know the importance of the fire pump in protecting your building and everything in it in the event of a fire. Keeping your building safe and code-compliant with fire pump services is our number one priority.

In commercial buildings, proper fire pump service ensures that occupants and valuables are protected in the event of fire. At Fire Protection Team, we keep your building safe and code compliant with a comprehensive list of fire pump services. Ask to see references from our clients and learn why we are a perfect fit for all of your fire pump needs.

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