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Fire Pump Installation & Replacement in New Hampshire & Connecticut

If a fire breaks out at a large commercial facility, it is unlikely that the municipal water system can supply the pressure required for effective sprinkler operation. As pressure in the system drops, the chances of controlling the fire diminish, leading to increased damage and losses. A properly installed fire pump can provide the flow necessary for a sprinkler system to operate at maximum capacity, greatly reducing the damage and potentially saving lives.

At Fire Protection Team, we have over 25 years of experience providing life and fire safety services, and our experts can design and install the ideal fire pump system for your commercial facility. We serve businesses throughout New Hampshire and Connecticut, supplying the fire protection products you need to keep your building safe, secure, and code-compliant.

Call today or contact us online to schedule a fire pump installation or replacement in New Hampshire or Connecticut.

What is the Purpose of a Fire Pump?

Fire sprinkler systems can release huge amounts of water during a fire, which helps to extinguish the flames or prevent them from spreading until emergency responders arrive. In especially large fires or buildings that have deluge systems, the municipal water system simply will not have the pressure or volume to supply the sprinkler heads effectively. A fire pump, often in combination with a standalone water supply, gives your fire sprinkler system the water it needs to successfully control the fire.

Fire pumps can be operated by electric motors, diesel engines, or steam power, and they turn on automatically when the water pressure falls below a pre-defined threshold. Fire pumps are especially useful in large commercial buildings like high-rises, manufacturing facilities, hospitals, or any multi-story structure that features water tanks on the ground level.

Fire Pump Installation

Our experts at Fire Protection Team can design and install custom fire pump systems for commercial facilities of any size or type. We will size the fire pump appropriately for your building, based either on sprinkler area calculations that factor in sprinkler installation density and flow requirements for large buildings, or the stand pipe method for smaller facilities, which delivers 500 gallons per minute to the first standpipe and 250 to each successive standpipe. We install all types of fire pumps, including:

  • Horizontal split-case fire pumps – Offering 250 to 5,000 gallons per minute of flow, these double-suction fire pumps are some of the most common in use today.
  • Inline fire pumps – Compact and efficient, inline fire pumps provide plenty of flow in a package that is easy to install.
  • Vertical turbine fire pumps – Perfect for applications where the water supply is below the suction flange, vertical turbine pumps offer great performance while satisfying NFPA positive suction pressure requirements.

For fire pump installation in Hooksett, NH or Cheshire, CT, contact our team today.

Fire Pump Replacement

Once a fire pump fails, begin to leak, or has problems supplying the appropriate pressure, it will need to be either repaired or replaced. At Fire Protection Team, we offer both fire pump replacement and repairs, and our experts will help you decide which is the most appropriate course of action. Our fire pump replacement services are quick and effective, minimizing downtime at your facility while keeping it protected.

Schedule Fire Pump Installation or Replacement Today

Does your business in New Hampshire or Connecticut need a new fire pump? Trust our experts at Fire Protection Team for a professionally installed, reliable fire pump and related equipment.

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