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Fire Pump Services in New Hampshire & Connecticut

Offering Fire Pump Installation, Repair, Maintenance & Inspection

At Fire Protection Team, we want to make sure your building is always safeguarded by the right fire protection equipment. That’s why, if your Connecticut or New Hampshire building has a fire sprinkler system, we may recommend installing a fire pump to ensure adequate water pressure when fighting a fire.

Let our highly trained technicians handle the tasks of installing, replacing, inspecting, testing, and repairing your fire pump. Our 25 years of experience makes us highly qualified for the job.

Contact us online to schedule fire pump services today in Connecticut and New Hampshire.

Fire Pump Installation & Replacement

When a fire breaks out in your building, you want to feel confident in your sprinkler system’s ability to douse the flames. A fire pump can provide you with this peace of mind.

A fire pump detects dips in water pressure that could cause a mere drizzle to exit the sprinkler heads. To supplement water pressure from the municipal water supply, the pump turns on automatically to tap into an onsite water tank. This makes your sprinklers stronger and more effective at battling a fire. A fire pump may even help prevent the flames from spreading beyond the ignition site.

Choosing Fire Protection Team to install a fire pump in your warehouse or high-rise building is an important first step to ensuring optimal sprinkler performance. We can also upgrade your fire pump if your firefighting needs have changed or your equipment has become outdated.

If your building is in need of a new fire pump that you can rely on in case of emergency, contact Fire Protection Team online today.

Fire Pump Inspection & Testing

When was the last time you hired a professional to test your fire pump? Depending on your requirements, FPT can perform monthly, quarterly, or annual inspections as needed. We verify the proper operation of electric, diesel, and propane fire pumps as described in NFPA 20.

During our inspections, we make sure you’re familiar with how the equipment operates and check that every device is in proper working order. Here are the components we examine:

  • Pump house
  • Heating and ventilating louvers
  • Jockey pumps
  • Controls and power
  • Suction and discharge flow
  • All other fire pump system components

Make sure you can depend on your fire pump if emergency strikes. Contact Fire Protection Team to schedule an inspection of your fire pump in Connecticut or New Hampshire today.

24-Hour Emergency Fire Pump Repair

The most common time to spot problems with a fire pump is during a routine test. However, if you notice a problem between inspections, don’t hesitate to call Fire Protection Team for an emergency fire pump repair.

We’ll come to your facility immediately to troubleshoot the equipment and determine precisely what’s wrong. If the machinery requires a repair, we’ll complete the job quickly and efficiently to prevent leaving your business vulnerable for an extended time.

Schedule Fire Pump Services for Your Connecticut & New Hampshire Business

You only want a reliable, experienced company to install, replace, inspect, test, and repair your fire pump. When you require these services in your Connecticut or New Hampshire building, call Fire Protection Team. We’ll put our experience to use for you, ensuring your system is fully code-compliant and ready to go in an emergency.

Please contact Fire Protection Team to schedule fire pump services or request a quote for fire pump installation in your building today.

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