Fire Alarm System Retrofits in New England

Upgrade Your Building’s Fire Alarm System

To meet the stringent fire safety codes and standards, updating current fire protection systems or installing new ones is important. Retrofitting is the process of updating obsolete devices like fire sprinklers, fire suppression systems or fire alarm systems.

Many businesses are taking advantage of new technology in their fire safety protections as they update their buildings and equipment. Whether a full overhaul and renovation or even a partial revamp of existing systems, advances in fire protection technology, machinery and components continue to make a large impact on the working environment today. Let the pros at Fire Protection Team help your company utilize the latest in safety technology and systems to upgrade your alarm system capabilities.

Modernize Your Fire Safety

Whether you plan to have an elaborate renovation or a less-detailed revamp of existing, individual systems, you should kickstart the process at the design stage. Appropriate design is everything! Always engage the services of a reputed, well-established fire protection company, one that has a proven record in commercial fire safety and retrofitting.

At FPT, we’ll evaluate your structure and recommend the correct devices and strategies to retrofit alarm systems for your building. Uses and specifications can vary from building to building, as well as the number of devices, types and placement. Using the latest CAD techniques, we can present the floor plan in 3D to show you exactly how the alarm systems will be laid out in accordance with state and local code.

Why Retrofit My Current Alarm System?

  • The building occupants may have changed and their requirements or business plans require remodeling. The fire alarm system needs to be changed to meet the new occupants’ needs.
  • Your insurance carrier may require periodic retrofitting of systems to continue coverage.
  • New codes or laws may have come into effect, requiring upgrades of existing systems.

Benefits Of A New System

There are many benefits to retrofitting your current fire alarm system, a significant one being extending its lifetime. As newer technologies are introduced, it makes sense to do away with outdated techniques and upgrade to better standards, thereby enhancing the functionality and effectiveness of the systems. In addition:

  • Efficiency is increased, with better dust compensation happening in smoke detectors and alarms.
  • Ability to pinpoint the location of which detector is going off.
  • Better displays and more structured information.
  • Better control of processes and data dissemination during fire conditions.
  • Enhanced monitoring of the fire alarm systems.

Be Proactive. Call Fire Protection Team Today.

With many decades of experience in safety and fire control systems, our team will be happy to assist you in equipping your property with a top-quality retrofit of your fire safety and alarm systems. Call Fire Protection Team at 203.250.1115 today!

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