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What Are Fire Protection Goals?

Posted on: May 11, 2020

If it seems like you are constantly scheduling repair service for your building’s fire system, it might be time for a replacement. The first step toward determining the best system for your needs is developing a set of fire protection goals. If you don’t have fire organizational fire safety goals, the professionals at Fire Protection Team can help. FPT uses five categories to create a customized plan to protect your building, and the individuals and property inside.

To learn more about fire protection goals, contact us online or call (203) 250-1115.

The Goals of Fire Protection

  • Preservation of Life – The primary objective of your fire safety system is to protect the individuals inside the building. The key to success for this goal is early detection. The methods to achieve this goal can vary between electronic system monitoring, smoke detection, or heat detection. Your FPT safety technician will evaluate your building and operational methods to determine the best system setup for your individual situation.
  • Protection of Property – This goal seeks to limit damage to the facility itself and satisfy insurance requirements. To meet the goal, your system may need to detect fires of a certain size or utilize an automatic sprinkler system. The choices made in this category also benefit the preservation of life goal.
  • Operational Stability: Here, we focus on the ability to maintain “business as usual” after a fire. Fires can cause extreme damage, and proper fire detection methods, beyond basic code requirements, can provide the time needed to prevent damage that causes a major disruption to operations.
  • Historical Preservation – If your building is historic, special attention must be paid to parts of the structure that could be irreparably damaged by fire control efforts. Your fire system should be installed so it doesn’t cause unnecessary harm to the building. This is a consideration in non-historic buildings as well, as many facilities have important documents or servers that require specialized protection.
  • Environmental Impact – In some situations, a fire can have a direct negative effect on the environment. For example, fire in a chemical storage warehouse could have massive environmental impact if runoff from fighting the fire reaches the water supply. In the case of older buildings, building materials can present an added layer of danger when burning. Through experience and research, your system engineer can determine the best methods to mitigate these additional risks.

Determining a fire system plan based on fire protection goals may seem like an overwhelming task, so let the experts at Fire Protection Team help. If you have questions, contact FPT online or call (203) 250-1115 – our team is happy to provide answers and information.

Why Choose FPT to Develop Your Fire Safety Plan?

With over 25 years of experience, Fire Protection Team is a family-owned and -operated, full-service fire protection company dedicated to providing reliable life and safety services for any organization, small or large.

As a part of FPT’s dedication to customer service, we are pleased to offer free compliance audits and 24/7 emergency service. We are proud to be considered a reliable and trustworthy vendor for life and fire safety products and services within our community.

If you’re ready to develop your fire safety goals, or if you would like more information, contact Fire Protection Team online or call (203) 250-1115 today.

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