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Is your commercial facility facing problems with backflow and you fear that the water distribution system may be contaminated? Unfortunately, in some instances, you may not even know that your water system has a backflow problem — it could remain unnoticed for a while, till the problem escalates into a full-blown dilemma.

For all your backflow prevention needs in the New England area, Fire Protection Team offers impeccable repair services. Our highly experienced team comes equipped with the latest in training and safety standards in the industry. Whatever the size and situation of your property, our team has just the right equipment to ensure that your backflow problems come to a favorable resolution.

Signs Of Backflow Problems

Poor Water Quality - Discoloration, rancid taste and a bad odor may indicate a backflow preventer problem.

Health Concerns - The existence of backflow could remain undetected until there is an outbreak of an illness. Until such a case, you might not even know of the underlying problem.

Water Pressure - Fluctuations in water pressure could indicate the presence of backflow problems. One reason why is that reduced pressure could occur due to line breaks or other problems, so backflow issues could easily pass by unchecked.

Random Sampling - If random sampling of the water is done, as so often the case, it may pick up the presence of bacterial contagion. However, water needs to be tested quite frequently to establish the presence of a backflow problem.

Commercial Backflow Preventer Repair Services

If you feel that your water could be contaminated call us immediately. Our professional team will inspect the water supply and all backflow preventers on the property, suggest some options and then work towards getting the backflow repaired. Our work is timely and precise, ensuring your backflow prevention system is functioning well for a long time to come.

Ensuring Minimum Disruption To Operations

When a plumbing system is laid down in a commercial building, teams work hard to keep the waste lines and potable water supplies separate and differentiated. Sometimes, however, the occurrence of backflow could be purely unintentional. Fire Protection Team will ensure that repair to the devices gets done quickly without disruptions to work and water supply.

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