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Fuel-burning appliances, open flames, flammable cooking oils and high heat contribute to the risks of smoke or fire damage in a restaurant setting. With the safety of your staff and customers at the forefront, Fire Protection Team has a number of fire safety solutions to help protect the occupants of your restaurant as well as the contents and structure. With decades of experience and only the finest quality products and services, it’s easy to see why Fire Protection Team is the premier source for fire protection for restaurants in Connecticut, New Hampshire and throughout New England.

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Fire Protection for Restaurants

The heart of any restaurant is the kitchen, but it’s also an area that is at high risk for a fire. Fire prevention and protection strategies can help to reduce these risks, but when you consider that a fire is more likely to occur in a restaurant than any other type of business, it highlights the need for expert fire protection services from an experienced, trusted professional. Fire Protection Team has everything you need to protect your employees and customers and to safeguard your investment, with products and services that include:

Fire Alarms

Fire alarm installation and design offer building occupants an early warning system in the event of an emergency, so there can be enough time for safe evacuation. Our fire alarm specialists will design, install and program your fire alarm system to the highest standards, in compliance with all building and fire code regulations, and perform regular fire alarm testing and inspections to ensure their functionality and reliability.

Fire Sprinklers

Commercial fire sprinkler installation helps to ensure the safety of restaurant occupants and equipment and is an important component in any multi-tiered approach to fire suppression. Our NICET Certified Engineering Technologists will handle every aspect of your fire sprinkler system, from layout to installation, and they’ll work closely with owners, contractors, and tradespeople to ensure a clean, seamless integration with your existing architecture and decor.

Portable Fire Extinguishers

Portable fire extinguishers are a necessity in any commercial kitchen, but it’s imperative that you have the right type of extinguisher, in accordance with the most likely type and size of fire that may occur, and the surrounding environment and equipment. Our certified experts will assist with the selection, installation, placement and training of your Class K fire extinguishers to ensure they are accessible and fully operational when you need them.

Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems

Restaurant fire suppression systems are specifically engineered to meet the unique requirements of a commercial kitchen and, in the event of an emergency, these systems are designed to discharge a predetermined amount of wet chemical agent to extinguish the fire. Our expertly trained and certified technicians meet the strict requirements set forth by the manufacturers of our UL-300 listed fire suppression systems for the installation, modification, repair, service, testing and inspection of the equipment.

Why Choose Fire Protection Team?

Since 1992, Fire Protection Team has worked tirelessly to earn and maintain our stellar reputation as an industry leader for restaurant fire protection services in the Connecticut and New Hampshire areas. Our family-owned and operated business is dedicated to the people we serve and the communities we live in, and we take pride in providing only the finest quality fire protection products and services.

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