Voice Evacuation & Mass Notification Services in New England

Smart Safety Alerts For Your Company

During an emergency, the situation could throw you out of sync, even if you know what you are supposed to do. In such cases, the best thing is to get candid instructions like voice messaging to enable you to follow instructions clearly. This is exactly the reason special fire alarm systems like voice evacuation or mass notification systems have gained immense popularity in the United States.

Understanding all the codes, regulations and nitty-gritty details of a voice evacuation system can be intimidating. If you wish to have a voice evacuation system installed in your facility, the highly-trained team at Fire Protection Team will be happy to help.

Enjoy The Security That Comes With Mass Notification

Having an integrated voice evacuation or mass notification system installed may be the best investment you could be making for your enterprise. Fire safety is crucial to ensuring the protection required for your most important assets — your customers, staff and facility.

Although simple fire alarms have been in use for decades, the technology surrounding contemporary mass messaging has proven to be a more systematic, organized tool in times of chaotic situations. At Fire Protection Team, we use only the most advanced technologies to ensure that you have the most secure fire alarm system at your disposal.

Benefits Of Voice Evacuation & Mass Notification Systems

Specific instructions: For large spaces, like office buildings or warehouses, the entire area can be divided into zones with each zone receiving specific instructions for escape routes.

Compatibility with other systems: Our voice evacuation systems work with other security systems, so the problem of compatibility will not be an issue and you won’t have to rely on just one system to disseminate information.

Doing away with uncertainty: Our mass notification and voice evacuation systems guide your people through the safest routes possible, so there is no cause for indecision or uncertainty.

Mass Notification & Voice Notification Systems From the Experts At FPT

At Fire Protection Team, we offer solutions to both notify for emergencies as well as daily operations to keep everyone secure and updated. Get in touch with us, tell us about your needs and we will be delighted to discuss the perfect solution for your project! Call us anytime at 203.250.1115 to get started.

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