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Fike’s FM-200 Fire Suppression System is a clean agent system with Fike’s Impulse Valve Technology, which greatly improves the performance of clean agent fire suppression systems over mechanical valve systems by combining the reliability and efficiency of a rupture disc with the flexibility of electric.

Fike’s Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems are suitable in applications ranging from telecommunications and data processing to switchgear rooms, military applications and cell sites to high-tech medical applications.

Specification and Design Guides

The Specification and Data Sheets for the FM-200 System are located online.


HFC-227ea Clean Agent Data Sheet

Impulse Valve Sales Sheet

Cheetah Xi Brochure

Application Profiles

Flammable Liquid Storage Application Profile

Maximized Piping System Application Profile

Case Studies, Articles, and White Papers

Data Center Outage Case Study

BRS Intron Case Study

The Role of HFC’s in Global Fire Protection

Lack of Regulatory Restrictions on HFC’s in Fire Extinguishant

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