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Full Services On Clean Agent HFC-227ea Systems In New England

While sprinkler systems do an excellent job putting out fires, there are some unfortunate drawbacks when it comes to specific equipment getting damaged by water, not to mention a massive clean up after an accidental discharge. Many clients in the New England area with expensive equipment, machinery or electronics instead turn to clean agent fire suppression systems. One such system is the HFC-227ea fire suppression system. For full services on these exceptional clean agent systems, connect with the pros at Fire Protection Team!

Benefits of HFC-227ea

If your company has sensitive electronics or machinery, an HFC-227ea system will provide the reliable and thorough protection you need without risking your assets. HFC-227ea is non-conductive, meaning that it will not interfere with your electronics; servers can even continue operating while the system is engaged. Plus, it’s fast — effective concentrations can be achieved in 10 seconds, minimizing the damage to your expensive equipment. 

Since it doesn’t displace oxygen there is no risk of suffocation for people in the area. In fact, it’s so safe it’s often used as a propellant in medical inhalers. HFC-227ea is a colorless and odorless gas when dispensed, meaning it won’t obscure the vision of any workers evacuating or firefighters responding. It’s safer for the environment as well, as it will not impact the ozone layer and has a low atmospheric lifetime. It requires only a small concentration to be effective, eliminating the need for massive water tanks and saving space.

How Does HFC-227ea Work?

HFC-227ea is stored as a liquified, compressed gas. When discharged, it immediately goes to work suppressing any fires through physical and chemical mechanisms. As it changes from liquid to vapor, it absorbs heat in the surrounding area, denying the fire the energy it needs to continue. In addition, HFC-227ea acts on the chemical level; its exposure to flame releases trace amounts of free radicals that help prevent further reactions that lead to combustion. Once the fire is out, clean-up is as simple as ventilating the area and the gas leaves behind no residue. 

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