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Because it is not used regularly, a fire pump is prone to corrosion, leaks, sediment buildup and mineral accumulations that could impair the operation of the fire sprinkler system during an emergency. That is why it is important for every commercial facility to inspect and test their fire pumps often, and to have them professionally serviced at least once a year.

With our expert technicians at Fire Protection Team, you can be sure the fire pumps at your business will be ready in an emergency. We offer fire pump inspections and testing throughout New Hampshire, Connecticut and New England, as well as installations, replacements, repairs and emergency service. With many decades of experience providing industry-leading fire safety services and products, you can count on us for quality, professional results.

How Often Should Fire Pumps Be Serviced?

Fire pumps should be professionally inspected, tested and maintained once a year to ensure they receive the in-depth service and care they need for reliable operation, but it is important for every commercial facility to also perform its own inspections between service visits. At Fire Protection Team, we recommend a routine fire pump inspection and testing protocol that includes at least the following:


  • Check oil and coolant levels in diesel pump engines.
  • Make sure valves are in the correct positions.
  • Open a test line to ensure the fire pump turns on.
  • Check for leaks.
  • Run electric pumps for 10 minutes and diesel pumps for 30 minutes.
  • Check for odd vibrations, noises or smells.
  • Check circulation relief and pressure relief valves for proper operation.
  • Make sure the pump casing, packing box and bearings are not overheating.
  • Check for normal suction and discharge pressures and record all readings.


  • Check the specific gravity of the starting battery on diesel engines.
  • Clean any corrosion from the battery terminals.
  • Check charging system operation with a multimeter.


  • Change the oil and filter on diesel engines.

Our experts at Fire Protection Team can help your facility create an inspection schedule that addresses all the needs of your fire pumps.

Annual Fire Pump Inspection & Testing

With our annual fire pump inspection and testing services at Fire Protection Team, we will make sure the fire pumps at your facility are in good condition and operating properly. Our experts will:

  • Service the pump We will service the mechanical and hydraulic systems of the fire pump, including couplings, transmission, motor and more to make sure everything is working correctly, properly lubricated, aligned and ready to operate.
  • Test the circulation relief valves These valves prevent overheating during shutoff conditions.
  • Test the tamper and flow switches The tamper switches alert your monitoring company to closed valves and other problems, while the flow switches are responsible for turning the water on during a fire.
  • Perform a pressure test Our experts will connect a hose to the exterior manifold, turn the system on and test for proper pressure and flow, recording the results.

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