Commercial Backflow Installation in New England

Expert Backflow Preventer Install Services

Backflow preventers are put in place as safeguards to prevent non-potable water and other pollutants from entering into the drinking water supply in the plumbing system. Backflow can be dangerous, as water from other safety systems like fire sprinklers could contain chemicals and metals which are not fit for human consumption. If introduced to the drinking water pipeline they could be disastrous for health. If your building is in need of a backflow replacement or new installation, the professionals at Fire Protection Team can help.

Do You Need A Backflow Preventer For Your Facility?

Unfortunately, backflow problems are typically created by forces that are beyond our control. Water can be contaminated with substances that are not healthy for human contact, such as feces, pesticides and hazardous materials like chemicals and fertilizers. A backflow prevention device is a key safety and health component of your business. Most commercial facilities require the installation of backflow preventers.

Fire Protection Team is uniquely suited to ensure a correct backflow preventer installation. Testing your building’s water systems will determine where you need to install backflow preventers and how many your system will need. We are happy to provide you with an inspection and consultation on your backflow preventer to be in compliance with state and local guidelines.

Backflow Preventer Installations In New England

For over three decades, the expert professional team at Fire Protection Team has been handling the intricate process of installing backflow preventers in commercial properties. Using state-of-the-art technology and best-in-class techniques, we bring you excellent installation services and quality customer service.

In addition, our work does not just end after the installation. We continue to offer you the services of inspection and regular testing. This will make certain that your preventers are working at optimum capacity.

Our inspectors test and certify commercial backflow prevention devices. We will then make sure that the relevant municipality receives all the required documents demonstrating compliance with regulations. We certify and test cross-connection controls on all testable backflow devices and all backflow assemblies and RPZs.

Keep The Water Supply Clean, Safe & Chemical-Free!

Contact the experts at Fire Protection Team for advice on backflow preventer installation anywhere in New England! Feel free to call us at 203.250.1115 or connect with us online anytime.

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