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Is Your Building Up to the Latest Safety Standards?

Fire Sprinkler Cost vs. Value

Are fire sprinklers a good investment for your CT or NH business or home? If building codes don’t require a fire suppression system for your particular size or type of business, most business owners will hesitate to install one.

Homeowners are even less likely to have a fire sprinkler system installed if not required. States like Maryland and California have required fire sprinklers in 1 and 2 bedroom newly constructed homes since 2011, and in some southwestern cities, since much earlier. That brings us to the question: Is it worthwhile to install a fire sprinkler system in your home or business?

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What Determines the Cost of a Fire Sprinkler System in Connecticut & New Hampshire?

As you might imagine, the cost of fire sprinkler installation varies widely. It depends on the size and layout of your home or commercial building. It may also depend upon the structural materials your building is made from. These variables all have a bearing on how much piping and sprinkler equipment will be needed and how easy or difficult the installation will be.

You can start with an assumption that the cost might be around $1-2 per square foot, but remember the variables involved may change that figure.

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What Is a Fire Sprinkler System Really Worth?

Fire sprinklers help to protect your home or business property and lives. Protecting lives in case of fire, we can all agree, is a high-value goal. Even slight injury from fire can be excruciating—and require significant time and care to recover from. Protecting your home or business building from fire damage or destruction also carries a high value, of course, since much of our livelihood comes from, or goes into, these structures.

There are actually even more benefits of a fire sprinkler system, which can help you decide whether this would make sense for your CT or NH business or home. Let’s look at the major benefits of installing a fire sprinkler system:

Saving lives and avoiding injury from fire. As mentioned above, this is the highest value you could receive from having a sprinkler system installed in your home/business. Protecting what you love is essential, as is protecting visitors to your house, pets, and the memories contained within, as well as (in the case of a business) your employees, customers, and members of the public. Fire sprinkler systems offer the very best opportunity for surviving and avoiding serious injury during a fire.

Saving money on insurance. Your business property and home insurance policies often offer discounts when you limit their risk by installing fire sprinklers. Over the many years you will carry property insurance, this can add up to major savings.

Saving property from serious damage. Fire sprinkler systems are extremely effective at quickly suppressing fire and limiting damage to the smallest possible area. Sprinklers help you protect your investment in your home and/or business building.

Saving precious or costly belongings. Perhaps more devastating than losing the building or home is losing the contents. You have many irreplaceable belongings in your home, family heirlooms, memories, and more. At your business, you have valuable inventory and/or equipment. In a fire, you risk losing these high-value possessions. Without fire sprinklers, fires can get out of control incredibly quickly—in a flash, in fact.

Saving your business from closing down. Losing or damaging your business property is one thing, but there’s something even more devastating: losing your business as a commercial concern. Many businesses do not survive, and go out of business for good, after the interruption and costs caused by a fire and cleanup.

About business interruption. The costs involved in the cleanup and rehab can be large, but the time your business is closed is also a huge cost. You’re not making revenue during that time, and you can lose your customer base and the brand you’ve built over the years. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has estimated that up to 60% of businesses never recover or never re-open after a devastating disaster.

Saving you stress. Fire sprinklers can bring you peace of mind, especially when you understand the statistics of just how incredibly effective these fire suppression systems are. Fire sprinklers can quickly and effectively control almost all (96%) of fires, according to NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) research.

Now that you have some basis to evaluate how cost-effective your fire sprinkler system can be, contact FPT online or call 203-250-1115 to get started on your expert fire sprinkler installation in CT or NH today.

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