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Fire Extinguisher Training Saves Property and Lives in Connecticut

Your fire extinguishers work only if people use them. Will your employees know how to choose the right extinguisher in the event of a fire? Will they have the confidence to use it properly?

Connecticut-based training is quick, painless and just a phone call away. By investing just an hour of time, we can help ensure your employees are comfortable with the proper use of fire extinguishers. This means they are much more likely to take action when a fire extinguisher is needed most.

While regulations require that certain types of facilities have yearly staff training, FPT recommends extinguisher training for all customers.

Fire extinguisher training takes about an hour which includes classroom time and hands-on training for all personnel. Topics include first steps in the event of a fire, how to choose the right extinguisher, safe use of the extinguisher and more. We conclude with a question and answer session.

The FPT fire extinguisher staff has found that employees really enjoy this type of training. Many are pleased to discover that they have the information and the skills they need in case of an emergency.

To learn more or schedule a training session for your staff, contact us.

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