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Fire Extinguisher Installation

Fires can be one of the most devastating types of disasters for a business in Connecticut or New Hampshire. They can start and spread quickly, with potential injuries, property loss, and structural damage left in their wake. Spotted early enough, many fires can be controlled or put out completely with working, accessible fire extinguishers in the hands of properly trained personnel.

At Fire Protection Team, we specialize in fire protection and life safety services for businesses of all types throughout Connecticut and New Hampshire. We can provide your team with the fire extinguishers, training, and support required to minimize injuries and damage during a fire. We also offer fire sprinkler services, fire alarm services, emergency lighting, and more. With over 25 years of experience and the exceptional service that only a family-owned company can provide, you can count on our team for all your fire protection needs.

Does your building have the right type and number of fire extinguishers? Call Fire Protection Team today at (203) 250-1115 or contact us online to discuss your fire protection needs with one of our friendly professionals.

Fire Extinguisher Sales & Installation in Hooksett, NH

Fire extinguishers are an essential part of protecting your building and its occupants. At Fire Protection Team, we can help you determine how many fire extinguishers you need, what types, and where they should be installed for maximum protection. We offer fire extinguisher sales, professional fire extinguisher installation, and more. We can provide your business with:

  • Class A fire extinguishers for wood, paper, cloth, plastics, and more
  • Class B fire extinguishers for flammable liquids like gasoline or paint thinner
  • Class C fire extinguishers for electrical wiring, appliances, and electronics
  • Class D fire extinguishers for flammable metals
  • Class K fire extinguishers for kitchen fires involving grease or oil
  • ABC dry chemical fire extinguishers
  • CO2, foam, or clean agent extinguishers

Contact us today to schedule a fire extinguisher installation or to learn more about our available models.

Fire Extinguisher Inspections & Maintenance in Cheshire, CT

Fire extinguishers can leak, depressurize, corrode, or show other signs of failure over time, so it is important to have them inspected periodically. At Fire Protection Team, we recommend annual fire extinguisher inspections, and as part of our fire extinguisher inspection service, our team will:

  • Make sure all extinguishers are accessible, labeled correctly, and mounted securely
  • Ensure instructions are present and visible
  • Check that the proper type of extinguisher is present at each location
  • Inspect extinguishers for damage, such as inoperable valves, corrosion, or cracked hoses
  • Verify extinguishers are charged via weight or pressure gauge readings
  • Tag extinguishers to indicate successful inspections

To schedule fire extinguisher inspections or maintenance at your Connecticut facility, contact us today!

Fire Extinguisher Repairs & Recharging in CT or NH

When you have a problem with a fire extinguisher or need one recharged, trust our team at FIRE PROTECTION TEAM. We offer fire extinguisher repairs, replacements, and recharging, and we are available 24/7 for emergency service throughout Connecticut and New Hampshire.

Fire Extinguisher Training in Hartford, CT

Fire extinguishers are only helpful if your personnel know how to use them properly. Make sure your business is protected with quality, professional fire extinguisher training from our experts at Fire Protection Team.

Contact us today to schedule fire extinguisher training at your Connecticut business!

Call Today for Fire Extinguisher Services in CT & NH

Keep your fire extinguishers working, code-complaint, and ready for an emergency with fire extinguisher services from our experts at Fire Protection Team.

Call (203) 250-1115 or contact us online to schedule fire extinguisher services in Connecticut or New Hampshire today!

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